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Attracting social housing providers to attend the UK Passivhaus Conference

The 2017 UK Passivhaus Conference, to be held on the 24th October in London, is focusing on the 'Future of Passivhaus'. Expanding upon the Trust's Passivhaus Social campaign, this year's conference will particularly aim to attract social housing clients, as well as those working to design, develop and deliver these and other projects.

UK Passivhaus Conference 2017

2 for 1 special offer for Local Authority & Housing Associations: UK Passivhaus Conference 2017



  • Hear a United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) representative discuss the importance of energy efficiency, particularly in homes, in the wider global context and to examine the role of Passivhaus within a low carbon future. (Invited speaker tbc.)

  • A panel discussion on lessons learnt from early local council adopters of the Passivhaus Standard.

  • Case studies of the leading projects from 2017, with a particular focus  on social housing and education projects.

  • An opportunity to meet  Passivhaus designers and ask questions about their own schemes and Passivhaus design.

  • Policy and procurement seminars, highlighting how Government and clients are encouraging uptake of Passivhaus around the UK.

  • The ‘Passivhaus futures‘ sessions will focus on “Health & wellbeing in Passivhaus buildings” and “Embodied carbon and Passivhaus”. 

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Saffron Acres  Carrowbreck Meadow - Hamson Barron Smith  Agar Grove, Hawkins Brown

L-R: Saffron Acres in Leicester, Carrowbreck Meadow in Norfolk, Agar Grove in Camden, London.


Special offers

Those working in local government or for housing associations in the UK are eligible for a 2 for 1 discount ticket to the UK Passivhaus Conference. If tickets are booked before the 31st August - they will also be eligible for the early bird rate and discounted a further 10%. Just select the desired number of Local Authority/ Housing Association tickets and the discount will be added automatically. Please note, full names and company must be provided as the Trust will check those who have purchased this ticket are eligible.


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2017 UK Passivhaus Conference

2017 Passivhaus Social

24th July 2017

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