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Large & Complex Passivhaus Masterclass 2024

Date: 19 June 2024 Time: 13:00 - 14:30
Location: Online Cost: PHT member: £38+VAT, Non-member: £55+VAT

Passivhaus Large and Complex Masterclass 2024

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Larger UK Passivhaus projects are emerging with increasing scales that bring new challenges. Continuing the success of our 2022 series, our online Passivhaus Large & Complex Masterclass series covers topics in demand! How do you airtest a high-rise block? What MVHR systems work best for 100+ home developments or bespoke non-domestic settings? 

We have planned new in-depth case studies, as well as topic-focused sessions. Learn from expert practitioners working in the field. Enrich your practical and technical knowledge for your large-scale Passivhaus projects.

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Full series summary

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NB – programme TBC, dates are provisional & subject to changes. 
Where possible, all images used in PHT masterclass marketing are of certified Passivhaus projects, or those aiming for certification. Projects featured in the marketing materials may not be discussed specifically at the event.

Who should attend?

These hour-and-a-half online masterclasses are a must-attend event for those delivering or embarking on a UK Passivhaus project at scale. Delegates should have a familiarity with technical construction language.

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  • A series of 6 live online sessions, run 1 masterclass lecture per month. Starting from January 2024, and ending in June 2024.
  • Masterclass lectures will be delivered at 1pm on Wednesday afternoons.
  • The duration of each Masterclass lecture is approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Delegates attending the whole series will receive 12 PHI credit renewal points. Please check each session if booking individually.

Passivhaus Large and Complex Masterclass 2024 PHI points

Next in the series

Passivhaus Large & Complex Masterclass Thermal Bridging

Explore the fascinating world of thermal bridging strategies for large concrete frame buildings at the finale of the 2024 Large and Complex Passivhaus Masterclass series. Do not miss this unique and insightful learning opportunity, covering technical design, construction quality, and a certifier’s perspective!

Join us to navigate through the complexities of thermal bridging and turn this challenge into an exciting design activity as we unravel early-stage risk mitigation strategies, reveal λ- and ψ-values for different scenarios, and share findings from 2D and 3D thermal bridge modelling.




Welcome & Introduction

Sarah Lewis, Passivhaus Trust

13:05 - 13:25

Strategies for early stages and risk mitigation

Piers Sadler, Delta Q 

13.25 – 13:45

λ- and ψ- values and general observations

Megan Ancliffe, Delta Q 

13:45 - 14:05

Technical design, construction quality and certification

Will South, Etude

14.05 – 14.25

Q&A Panel

14:25 - 14:30

Closing comments

Sarah Lewis, Passivhaus Trust

NB: Programme subject to change



Sarah Lewis Piers Sadler
Megan Ancliffe Will South

Sarah Lewis

Passivhaus Trust

Piers Sadler

Delta Q 

Megan Ancliffe

Delta Q

 Will South





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Full series information

Recordings available to ticket holders 

Large buildings & ventilation 

With Sally Godber, WARM and Liam McDonagh-Greaves,WARM

Sarah LewisSally GodberLiam McDonagh-Greaves

Embark on a journey into the world of Large and Complex Passivhaus design with our experts, Sally Godber and Liam McDonagh-Greaves from WARM low-energy building consultants and Passivhaus certifiers. Sally will share essential dos and don'ts for successful large projects. Following this, Liam will guide you through the intricacies of ventilating large buildings, offering design tips and insights for incorporating these strategies into the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). Join us for a dynamic session filled with practical wisdom and expert advice on navigating the complexities of designing and ventilating large and complex buildings in the realm of Passivhaus construction.


Recordings available to ticket holders 

Air tightness & air testing of large multi-residential blocks

With Piers Sadler, Delta Q, Megan Ancliffe, Delta Q and Paul Jennings, Aldas

Sarah LewisPiers SadlerMegan AncliffePaul Jennings

Air tightness design and air testing of large multi-residential blocks presents a number of design and practical challenges, especially in locations where planning requirements require building emission rates to improve upon Part L, such as within the Greater London Authority region. Issues we will cover are: defining the thermal envelope, choosing compartments for pressure testing, co-pressurisation tests, air tightness requirements for individual dwellings, interim testing and final testing including tall buildings. If these aspects are not carefully planned out before construction, testing and air tightness costs can spiral.


Due to client sensitivity, this session is not available as a recording.

CASE STUDY: Tall buildings - Urbanest Battersea Park project

With Edwin Stokes, Henriksen Studio and Tomás O’Leary, MosArt

Sarah LewisEdwin StokesTomas O'Leary

An 850-unit Passivhaus student accommodation project in Battersea is making solid progress and is set for completion in early 2024. Topping out at 19 storeys and clad in colourful terracotta facades, the project will undoubtedly make a bold impression on the London sustainability skyline. Delivering this complex project required considerable expertise from both a thermal envelope and mechanical systems perspective. The unitized curtain walling strikes a balance between oft-opposing winter and summer energy demands and the building services specification optimises indoor air quality and reduced internal heat gains. The webinar will provide an expert overview of key Passivhaus elements of what is currently one of the largest projects in the UK.


24 April

Heat pumps for large and complex buildings

With Alan Clarke and Gwilym Still, Max Fordham LLP

Sarah LewisAlan ClarkeGwilym Still

Join Passivhaus consultants and MEP designers Alan Clarke and Gwilym Still, Max Fordham LLP for an insightful discussion on the pivotal role of heat pumps in large and complex Passivhaus projects. Dive deep into essential design considerations, drawing on real-world case studies and the lessons gleaned, so far, from practical experiences. Throughout this session, Alan and Gwilym will share their wealth of knowledge, offering design tips for effectively integrating heat pump solutions into a range of building typologies from retrofits and schools to multi-residential and student accommodation blocks, providing you with practical takeaways for your own projects.


22 May

CASE STUDY: Care homes

Sarah LewisLee Fordham

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the UK's first Passivhaus-certified Extra Care facility, with a deep dive into Edward's Court. Benefit from real-life examples and expert guidance from PHT Patron Architype. Learn how to overcome technical challenges in large and complex care homes while ensuring safe, comfortable and healthy housing for residents.


19 June

Thermal bridging – strategies and insights for large concrete frame buildings

With Piers Sadler, Delta Q, Megan Ancliffe, Delta Q and Will South, Etude

Sarah LewisPiers SadlerMegan AncliffeWill South

Thermal bridging contributes significant heat loss which results in uncertainty during the design development of concrete frame buildings.  At the same time thermal bridge modelling can become a high cost design activity, with frequent update requirements. We will explore strategies for risk mitigation at early stage design, share λ- and ψ-values we have calculated for different situations and present some general observations from our 2D and 3D thermal bridge modelling. We will also cover technical design, construction quality and provide a certifier’s perspective.


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