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Passivhaus Retrofit Masterclass lecture series: On-demand

Date: On-demand Time: 6 lectures: 1.5 hours each
Location: Online Cost: PHT member: £80+VAT, Non-member: £120+VAT


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27% of our annual carbon emissions are attributed to the energy needed to run the UK’s buildings, with 18% alone coming from our domestic housing stock. With one of the oldest housing stocks in Europe and many new homes being inadequately built, the UK is currently facing the immense challenge of retrofitting over 28 million buildings by 2050.

As part of our retrofit campaign, April 2022 marked the conclusion of our popular Passivhaus Retrofit Masterclass lecture series. The series addressed multiple constructions from solid wall to cavity construction, covering both residential & non-domestic challenges. The popular series is now available on-demand. Each Masterclass lecture shares first-hand experiences from expert practitioners to enrich your practical and technical knowledge about how Passivhaus can apply to your future retrofit projects.


Who is the series aimed at?

The Masterclass lecture series is aimed at anyone interested in designing and delivering Passivhaus retrofit projects, including: architects, engineers, home-owners consultants, contractors, local authorities and self-builders.

PHI Credit Renewal Points available:  Delegates will earn PHI credit points towards renewal of their Certified Passivhaus Designer / Consultant qualification once the full course is complete. See here.


Summary of full lecture series


The Masterclass series provided some great case studies for a wide range of building types. There was lots of food for thought on possible solutions that can be considered in our own projects. It was really inspiring to hear what is being achieved across the Passivhaus community. It is greatly encouraging to hear about projects that are achieving really deep retrofit and large energy and carbon savings.

Richard Spencer, Leeds Environmental Design Associates


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  • The series includes on-demand modules that can be watched at your leisure.

  • The duration of each Masterclass lecture is 1.5 hours

  • Access to on-demand Masterclass lectures is valid for 12 months.

  • Bookings for individual sessions are available.

  • Each Masterclass lecture is worth 2 PHI renewal credit points.


Providing this level of in-depth training direct to my desk over lunch is a real boon. Whereas previously, I may have needed two days away, travel and accommodation, this has significantly increased my learning-to-downtime ratio. Even for experienced designers like me there was plenty of innovation to interest me and impressive case studies to inspire. PHT have really pulled off something excellent with this Masterclass series, just what I needed!

Anonymous masterclass attendee





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