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UK Passivhaus Awards Sponsor Spotlight

2021 UK Passivhaus Awards Small Projects sponsored by Ecology Building Society

We are delighted to announce Ecology Building Society as sponsors of the small projects category of the 2021 UK Passivhaus Awards. Ecology is one of the founding members of the Trust in 2010 and has been a key contributor and supporter ever since.


Why are you sponsoring the UK Passivhaus Awards 2021? 

We continue to see Passivhaus at the forefront of the drive to Net Zero carbon homes and tackling the climate and ecological emergency. The small residential category often champions schemes that may be little in size, but beautiful, and frequently a testbed of innovation. Over the past decade we have provided green mortgages to several Passivhaus projects. Many have gone on to become finalists in previous UK Passivhaus Awards


What is Ecology’s Passivhaus pick, and why is it special?  

We’re particularly proud to have supported Nith Valley Leaf Trust to develop, in partnership with Dumfries and Galloway Small Communities Housing Trust (DGSCHT), Scotland’s first community-owned Passivhaus certified affordable housing in Closeburn

Closeburn Passivhoos © John Gilbert Architects

More seminal project picks from other Passivhaus Ambassadors can be found here.


What are you hoping to see from the next cohort of finalists? 

We’re looking forward to seeing another exciting range of entries this year, showcasing the latest innovation and design diversity that can deliver Passivhaus and envisage the awards will encourage many others to adopt the standard. 


We’re once again proud to be associated with the UK Passivhaus Awards as a sponsor of the 2021 small residential category. Ecology supports UK projects that enhance the quality of housing and have a positive impact on the environment. Our sustainable mortgages incentivise the most energy-efficient properties such as those built to the Passivhaus or EnerPHit standards. 

We anticipate another exciting range of entries this year, showcasing the latest innovation & design diversity that can deliver Passivhaus, encouraging many others to adopt the standard. It’s always inspiring to see Ecology borrowers achieve success at these awards, which always receives a very high standard of entries.

Ecology Building Society

Have you got a winner?

The deadline for applications to this year's Awards is Tuesday the 20th of April 2021. 

UK Passivhaus Awards 2021: Entry deadline 20.04.2021



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UK Passivhaus Awards 2021

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