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We are delighted to announce Greengauge as sponsors of the Large Projects category of the 2021 UK Passivhaus Awards. Greengauge has recently become a PHT Patron member of the Trust and involved in the design & delivery of several pioneering UK Passivhaus projects.

2021 UK Passivhaus Awards: Large Projects, sponsored by Greengauge


Why are you sponsoring the UK Passivhaus Awards 2021?

We believe in leading from the front. By supporting the UK Passivhaus Awards, we’re able to ‘give back’ to our industry. It offers us the chance to demonstrate our commitment to promoting a methodology that’s core to our business offer. We believe Passivhaus, deployed at scale, has the power to radically change the way we achieve significant progress in the race to net-zero emissions from the built environment. The more done to support the industry and to raise awareness of successful Passivhaus projects (and the people that deliver them), the better the outcomes for all in the supply chain.


What is Greengauge's Passivhaus pick over the past decade, and why?

At Greengauge, we are immensely proud of all our Passivhaus projects, but the stand-out has got to be Goldsmith Street for Norwich City Council. Goldsmith Street is not only the Council’s most ambitious project but also the biggest 100% certified Passivhaus, 100% social rented housing scheme in the country. Awarded the Stirling Prize in 2019, it epitomises everything we do as a consultancy: it challenges the norm; it reaches further than other schemes have dared to do – and importantly – it does ‘work’ both for the residents and Norwich CC. In short, we feel that architect Mikhail Riches’ vision for these homes echoes our feelings about placemaking and better buildings.

Goldsmith Street Passivhaus © Rod Edwards Photography

Our team designed the complete M&E package for the development, which included the hot and cold water systems, heating, ventilation, and all the electrical systems. In an unusual move, Passivhaus specialist WARM was also appointed to work in conjunction with us to deliver the mechanical design. Goldsmith Street was a big project – and the results and impacts of our work have been far-reaching. There is no doubt Goldsmith Street is an exemplar of good design and good practice within the housing sector.


What are you hoping to see from the next cohort of finalists?  

We want plenty of examples of projects that demonstrate imagination and scale. We’re always interested in seeing Passivhaus applied to unusual buildings or projects – successful reference schemes are valuable regardless of who delivered them! Goldsmith Street raised the bar on what is possible for the housing sector – let’s hope this year’s UK Passivhaus Awards celebrate other ambitious and mould-breaking projects.

2021 UK Passivhaus Awards Ceremony: 30th June 2021

This year, the awards ceremony shall be split into two online afternoon sessions for each category. Free to attend, join us during London Climate Action Week for not one but two celebratory, informative, and entertaining afternoons. Hear from the latest Passivhaus case studies, vote for your favourite, and be amongst the first to hear the winners decided by Passivhaus peers. See you there!

2021 UK Passivhaus Award Ceremonies: Book Now


Other Passivhaus ambassadors reveal their seminal project picks from the past decade to commemorate the Trust's tenth anniversary and in anticipation for the 2021 Awards. 

Denby Dale Passivhaus Old Holloway Passivhaus
Admirals Hard EnerPHit Closeburn Passivhoos © John Gilbert Architects



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